My wife and I have three kids. All boys.

Say your silent prayer for us. We get a lot of they-must-be-a-handful looks when we're all out together. They can be. No doubt. Take the couch cushions. What is the deal with the couch cushions? You'd think they were the most amazing thing in the world, the way they're obsessed with them. We must fix the couch twenty-seven times a day. But the thing is, it may not be very quiet in our house. But it's a LOT of fun. That's what I write about. What fatherhood means to me and how it's changing. What my kids teach me. Some funny shit they do and say. I like to think I've got some stuff to say about all of it.


What Elon Musk Tells Us About Working Fathers

Whatever the current state of fatherhood, the pressures and expectations for male behavior remain relatively unchanged.

I still don't know what was wrong.

Seven Things That Suck About Babies

Our youngest is eighteen months, right on the edge of babyhood. As much as there is to love about the baby years, there are things I will not miss.


Letters to Jack: On Turning Six

I think you had a pretty good sixth birthday. You lost a tooth. You went snorkeling. You pet a shark.

You have suddenly become a boy. When did this happen?

I think it is mocking me.

A Conversation With My Blog

In which I reintroduce you to the blog by reintroducing myself to the blog. It’s all very meta.

"Dad, how do I turn the browser settings private?"

My Sons Love Porn and I’m Fine With It

One video, found accidentally, during screen time. The two of them were hooked almost immediately. Now it’s all they watch.

photo (3)

Letter to Jack: On Starting Kindergarten

There are all kinds of things I could tell you about today because they’re the things all parents feel when their first child starts kindergarten. But those things are more about me than you. So I won’t.


Letter to the Boys: About Robin Williams, depression and suicide

The tragedy of Robin Williams isn’t just his act of suicide. But it’s the pain that must have led up to it.


A Parade of Buttheads

Our middle has found a word to drop into heavy rotation. That word is ‘butthead.’

This movie could have taken a real turn.

Letter to the Boys: Don’t Be Men. Be People.

I have been blessed with you three boys. If I have a mission statement as a parent, it’s this: raise good people. Maybe it’s apologetic or too politically-correct by half to say that. Why wouldn’t I want to raise good men?