My wife and I have three kids. All boys.

Say your silent prayer for us. We get a lot of they-must-be-a-handful looks when we're all out together. They can be. No doubt. Take the couch cushions. What is the deal with the couch cushions? You'd think they were the most amazing thing in the world, the way they're obsessed with them. We must fix the couch twenty-seven times a day. But the thing is, it may not be very quiet in our house. But it's a LOT of fun. That's what I write about. What fatherhood means to me and how it's changing. What my kids teach me. Some funny shit they do and say. I like to think I've got some stuff to say about all of it.


Letters to Jack: On Turning Five

What does a father say to a son on an important birthday like this one? Because make no mistake. Five is a big deal.

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What #banbossy Says to Boys

I have no problem with strong women. I married one. But as a father of three boys, I have plenty of problems with Sheryl Sandberg and the way she thinks we should go about turning young girls into leaders.

A couple of years ago, the internet thought it hilarious when a fictional adult man cried.

Letter to the Boys: A Few Words About Becoming Men Who Feel

Most of the time, my head gets in the way of my heart. I worry over work and saving money for your college and delivering something on deadline. This is called maturity. It’s easy to blame work or responsibilities for the muting of the adult heart.

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How I Got My Office to Write a Book for My Kids

I had written the first sentence of the story as a prompt. Then asked nine other people from this room of mostly strangers to write successive sentences. Their goal: a story I could read to my kids at bedtime.


The Morbidity of Parenthood

Adults lose touch with their imaginations as they get older. But parents? Ours go into overdrive in the worst possible way.

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Should We Care What Advertising Says About Dads?

There’s a prevailing feeling that when Dads appear in commercials, they are portrayed as either incompetent to the point of ridiculousness (“Honey, what hole does the food go into?”) or completely absent from the lives of their children. The question is, does it matter?

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Forget Sociologists. Children’s Books Show How Parenting Has REALLY Changed.

At this point, we can all agree that parenting is different than it was a generation or two ago. As much as we chuckle at the aloof horribleness of Don Draper as a father, surely things couldn’t have been THAT bad, were they?
Let’s take a pair of beloved children’s books and find out.


How I Time Travelled With My Wife

So, there I am, in a bar with my wife, a few drinks into a night filled with dancing and drink and the music that I listened to on my Walkman. It was the closest thing my wife will ever come to having a date with my younger self.

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Breaking Dad: Five Things Jesse Pinkman Would Say If He Had Kids

We can’t get enough of Jesse Pinkman. He’s jumpy. Aggravated. In constant need of stimulants.
That doesn’t sound like any parents I know.